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Food Grade Dietary Soy Fiber TW650 Manufacturer

Model No.: TW650
Product Name: Food Grade Dietary Soy Fiber TW650 Manufacturer
Product Origin: Shandong,China
Standard: Non-GMO,25KG/BAG
Brand Name: REYHE
PriceTerms: T/T
Detailed Product Description:

TW650,Non-sterilization natural Dietary Soy Fiber made from Non-GMO soybean after soy oil extraction without any chemical process,it is rich in dietary insoluble,soluble dietary fiber and protein,it also has high water absorption capacity of 12 times or more, and widely used for making sausages,burgers,bakery products,nutrition food,health food,ketchup etc.


Supplier :Hongda Biotechnology Group Co., Ltd

Standard Specification:

Color white
Aroma/Flavour Neutral
Soy Dietary Fiber 65% minimum
Protein (dry basis, N x 6.25) 25% maximum
Moisture content 8.0% maximum
Fat content in dry product 0.5% maximum
Ash content in dry product 5.0% maximum
Particle size(100 mesh) 95% minimum
Absorption water capacity 1:12minimum (fiber: water)
Salmonella Negative(by test)
E.coli Negative(by test)

25kg net,Triple-layer kraft paper bag with inner plastic bag

Shelf life and storage condition:
The shelf life is 12months under 25℃. In dry and cool place.Keep away from strong odour or volatile material and moisture

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