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Food Grade Concentrated Soy Protein-TW700

Model No.: TW700
Product Name: Food Grade Concentrated Soy Protein-TW700
Product Origin: Shandong,China
Standard: Non-GMO,25KG/BAG
Brand Name: REYHE
PriceTerms: T/T
Detailed Product Description:
Description: it is made from Non-GMO soy by a traditional process to remove soluble sugars and the anti-nutritional factors,it has high protein content and excellent protein digestibility,specially designed for protein enrichment for foodstuffs,like:nutrition food,extruded product,meat products,power bars,energy bars,bakeries etc.

Characteristic: high protein content, excellent protein digestibility, Cholesterol Free, rich in diary Fiber

Organoleptic index: Light yellow or Milky white,No peculiar smell, No impurities visible to the naked eyes

Physical and chemical index
Protein (dry basis, N×6.25, %) ≥68
Moisture (% ) ≤8.0
Fat (%) ≤1.0
Ash (dry basis, %) ≤7.5
Particle Size(100mesh,%) ≥95
Microbiological index
Total plate count ≤20000cfu/g
Coliform ≤90/100g
Yeast & Moulds ≤100/g
E.coli Negative
Salmonella Negative
Packaging: in 25kg kraft bags or 600kg jumbo bags,packed in closed bacteria-free workshop.
Transportation and Storage: Kept from rain or damp during transportation and storage, and not loaded or stored together with other smelly products,To be strored in a dry & cool place away from sunlight, best storage temperature: below 25℃
Shelf life: 18 Months under appropriate strorage condition from producing date
Certificate: ISO9001, ISO22000, IP GMO Free, Kosher, Halal
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