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Sweet Potato Flour

Model No.: Sweet Potato Flour
Product Name: Sweet Potato Flour
Product Origin: Shandong,China
PriceTerms: T/T
Detailed Product Description:

I nstruction: Sweet Potato, as the Convolvulaceae annuals, China's most widely planted in. Occupying 82% of the total area of the world. Sweet potato growing in the soil, the growth process are free of pesticides and chemical fertilizer .so it is called the green food. It is nutritious per kilogram of sweet potato sugar 256 grams, 15 grams of protein, 156 mg of calcium, phosphorus 374 mg. As well as a variety of vitamins, especially with the most abundant carotene content. In the Japanese National Cancer Research Center released 20 anti-cancer food sweet potato topping.

Product and application: Sweet Potato Flour---- Animal feed raw material

Product requirements:
1 Senses:
Color: color is light white to grey in free flowing.
Taste: sweet potato flour with the natural flavor, without peculiar smell.
Particle size: 60 mesh min.90%

2 Physicochemical index:
Moisture: 11%
Total sugar: 30-70%
Crude fiber: less than 4%
Coarse ash: less than 6%
Starch: 60%min

3 Health indicators: unit to milligrams per kilogram
Arsenic: (As ): ≤0.5
Lead: (Pb ): ≤1
Sulfur: (S ): ≤500
Aflatoxin B1: ≤0.005
Potassium sorbate : ≤ 500
Sodium benzoate: ≤500
Pesticide residue indicators according to the relevant provisions of the state.

4 Packing: in 25KG、50KG poly-woven bags or Jumbo bags

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