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Pea Fiber-70

Model No.: 70
Product Name: Pea Fiber-70
Product Origin: Shandong,China
PriceTerms: T/T
Detailed Product Description:
Description: It is a food grade pea protein isolate made from 100% Non-GMO US and Canadian peas. It provides high level of nutrition and functionality. Excellent Amino Acid structure. Applications: Nutrition supplement,Sport and health food, Meat and fish products, Nutrition bars, snacks, Meal replacement beverages, Non-dairy ice cream, Baby foods, Pet foods, Bakery, Pasta, Noodle, Soy alternative.
Characteristic: “Clean” labeled, High-lysine, low-fat, Allergen-Free, Non-GMO, Soluble, water binding capacity, Enhance structure, Nutrition ingredient, No anti-nutritional factors, No cholesterol, Low fats.
Organoleptic index Yellowish powder, No impunity could be seen by naked eyes. Natutal flavor and taste of the product.
Physical and chemical index
Fiber (N x 6.25) % ≥70
Moisture % ≤10
Protein % ≤10
Starch % ≤8
Fat % ≤3
Ash % ≤3
Particle Size (100Mesh ) % ≥95
Microbiological index
Total plate count ≤30000cfu/g
Coliform ≤30/100g
Yeast & Moulds ≤100/g
E.coli Negative
Salmonella Negative
Packaging: 20kg paper bag with an inner PE bag of each or other required packaging
Transportation and Storage:Kept from rain or damp during transportation and storage, and not loaded or stored together with other smelly products,To be strored in a dry & cool place away from sunlight, best storage temperature: below 25℃
Shelf life: 2 years in dry and cool condition
Certificate: ISO9001, ISO22000, IP GMO Free, Kosher, Halal
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