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Concentrated Pea Protein

Model No.: Concentrated Pea Protein
Product Name: Concentrated Pea Protein
Product Origin: Shandong,China
PriceTerms: T/T
Detailed Product Description:

Description: It is a feed grade pea protein concentrate made from 100% Non-GMO US and Canadian peas. It provides high level of nutrition and functionality. Excellent amino acids structures. Application: Fermentation substrate, Hog and cattle feeds, Aquatic feeds, Bird feeds.

Characteristic: High-lysine, low-fat, Non-allergen, non-GMO, Economical alternative to soy, Soluble, excellent water binding capacity, Enhance structure, nutrition, No anti-nutritional factors, Absent in gluten, cholesterol

Organoleptic index: Yellowish powder, No impunity could be seen by naked eyes. Natutal flavor and taste of the product.

Composition based on dry matter
Protein (N x 6.25) ≥ 55%
Crude Fiber ≤ 15%
Moisture ≤ 10%
Ash ≤ 8%
Fats ≤ 3%
PH 6.0 to 8.0
Carbohydrates ≤ 18%
AS ≤ 0.5 mg/kg
Pb ≤ 1.0 mg/kg
Physical Data
Color Light yellow
Taste and Odor Bland
Particle Size 100 Mesh
Total Plate Counts ≤ 30,000 cfu/g
Total Coliforms ≤ 30 MPN/100g
Yeasts ≤ 50 cfu/g
Molds ≤ 50 cfu/g
Salmonella Negative
Escherichia Coli Negative
Pathogenic Bacteria Negative
Packaging: 20kg multi-level kraft paper bag or other required packaging.
Transportation and Storage: Kept from rain or damp during transportation and storage, and not loaded or stored together with other smelly products,To be strored in a dry & cool place away from sunlight, best storage temperature: below 25℃
Shelf life: 2 years in dry and cool condition
Certificate: ISO9001, ISO22000, IP GMO Free, Kosher, Halal
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